Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Am A Mother!

I am so glad to be a mother! I think it is THE most important job that anybody, every, could do. When I look around and see those that want to choose other things then to do what they were born to do. It breaks my heart.

We are all different mothers. We all have different roles that we need to play in our lives. Some are single moms, some working moms, sometimes your kids drive you so crazy you wish you weren't the mom. We are all different, but we are all the same in our Heavenly Father's eyes and He gave us this huge responsibility that I hope we never take lightly.

Those that rock the cradle, rule the world. I love that quote because it is so true. You as a mother can do so much for our human race. Please know that you are important, your work does matter. And don't let Satan or his helpers make you think any different.

I Am A Mother and I love it!


Katie said...

What a great post! Your kiddos sure are lucky to have such a great mom :)