Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Patio

Que and Michael with the finished product!

New Patio!!!!

Our side strip for our garbage's.

The Families hand prints. Michael was happy once it was done :)

Big Thanks to Que, Derek, Randy and Michael for doing the manual Labor. Thanks to the kids for keeping us entertained and thanks to Krista for running food and water out to the workers.

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party

Emma was born on April 14 2007. She weighed 7 Lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long. She was a princess from the time she set foot in this world. We love her so much and am so glad she is apart of this family.
She wanted to have a ballerina party so that's what we did. Her cousins came, along with Grammy, Papa and Papa B, aunt Trisha, Aunt Mary and Uncle Jimmy were also present. Not to mention her Aunt Ellie, Maddie, Uncle Jonathan, and Andrew. There are so many other people that couldn't make it that love Emma so much and you were in our thoughts.
Trisha did a little ballet class, then we played "Pin the Tutu on the Ballerina" and had cake and ice cream. She did real good on her presents this year. We all had a great time.

We Love You Emma!!!!!

Day Out With the Ladies

My sister and I went with our cousins, Meredith and Doris, to Brick Oven in Provo a couple of weeks ago. I had so much fun with the girls. I have been missing just girl time. I had to bring Cameron of course but my other cousin, Forest, watched my other two kids so I was in heaven. The food was good and the company was wonderful. Thanks girls! We need to do this again soon.
Hopefully Forest will get that job there so we can get a family discount!

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter this year! The kids loved there baskets and best of all we got to have general conference right on Easter Sunday! I love this church and our wonderful prophets and apostles. The church is true, it's awesome, and I am so glad to be apart of it.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

While My Husband is at School...

I have become a avid reader ever since my husband works 60 hours a week and goes to school the rest of the time. Not that I'm complaining. I am very thankful he has a good job and is getting his MBA. It just leaves me at home a lot on my own with my children. So when my kids go to sleep... what do I do?
I read.
Lately, I have been reading Fablehaven. I am really liking it. I think my next book will be the new "Women Power" one by President Ukdorf (cant remember the real name of the book)

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a break from the day to day life.
I have never read a fantasy before but this one has lots of twists and turns in it to make it exciting.

Go book reading!